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It was 2001 when our company’s founder was doing union work that gave him many experiences with contractor services, including lintel repair, parapet walls, and masonry repair Skokie. Then, he decided to go out on his own as a subcontractor eight years later and expand his skills, becoming an expert in masonry, tuckpointing, and other types of brick repair Skokie area. With all that knowledge, he started The Best Masonry Inc. The purpose of the company was not only to bring the best quality masonry repair and restoration services to the community, along with other required services throughout Chicago, but The Best Masonry Inc. was established to offer something more. Availability and a wide range of professional services give the company that competitive edge.

We are easily available to our customers to schedule an appointment to do the work showing how reliably professional our masonry and tuckpointing contractors Skokie are. But we also offer so much more to assist our customers in maintaining residential and commercial property buildings. From chimney restoration Skokie to fireplace repair, and sandblasting, we do it all with reliability and professionalism.

When seeking masonry contractors near me Skokie, look no further. Just make one easy phone call to enlist the expertise of The Best Masonry Inc. when you’re looking for top-quality craftsmanship.

Professional Tuckpointing, Chimney & Masonry Rapair Skokie Services


Masonry Skokie

We provide top-quality residential and commercial masonry repair and masonry restoration Skokie fast and reliably. It’s the service you expect from expert masonry contractors with many years of experience.


Tuckpointing Skokie

Our exceptional tuckpointing Skokie service is here to seal your bricks and make them look outstanding. Our highly skilled tuckpointing contractors are ready to give your bricks the attention they need.


Lintel Replacement Skokie

Make sure your lintels are in a good shape. They pose a serious danger that is easily avoidable with our lintel repair. It’s fast and simple so your worries about potential injuries from above will be gone.


Waterproofing Skokie

Make sure your home or building is water-tight for a safe, secure, and healthy living space. As the leader among waterproofing companies in Skokie, we are the perfect choice to protect your home from water leaks.


Parapet Walls Skokie

Making sure your parapet wall is in the proper condition is very important to the structure of your home or building. Our experienced professionals have the skills to handle all kinds of wall repair and keep your parapet wall in perfect shape.


Fireplaces Skokie

Ensure your fireplace is completely sound before you use it. Avoid dangers with our expert fireplace repair and keep safe while enjoying that pleasant fire.


Chimneys Skokie

When seeking chimney repair near me Skokie, your chimney’s appearance and functionality can be in expert hands. Contact us whenever you’re looking for highly skilled professionals in chimney repair and chimney restoration.


Sandblasting Skokie

To remove old paint, dirt, or any other undesirable grime on your building or home, call us to renew your bricks and make them look like new with sandblasting in Skokie.

Tuckpointing Skokie Service is an Important Point of Interest


As bricks are found commonly all over many buildings, commercial, residential, and industrial, it’s important that they receive attention when needed. Even bricks can show signs of wear that require more than just masonry repair. That’s when you need specialized tuckpointing contractors Skokie that are experts in tuckpointing.

Tuckpointing contractors in Skokie can care for your bricks so they get a refined new look that also keeps your building protected from water penetration throughout. Tuckpointing involves removing any deteriorating mortar joints, due to damage or age, and replacing them with new mortar matching the existing brickwork. This is then followed up with the application of a line of putty in a contrasting color, known as a fillet. The fillet is placed with care along the center of the new mortar joints to enhance the look.

When it is completed, your new tuckpointing shows your bricks with a look that is new and beautiful. With tuckpointing Skokie service, you can count on your structure to be sealed and secure while looking great.

Check Tuckpointing Technique served by Best Tuckpointing Contractors Skokie

One of the main problems that homeowners experience in Skokie is the harsh winter that it experiences, which is why masonry Skokie and tuckpointing Skokie services are known to be well-used in the area. Old structures usually show signs of damage because of the weather conditions during the winter. These damaged brick structures are in need of repairs or tuckpointing. Our masonry contractors and tuckpointing contractors Skokie are the ones that can get the job done. Our brick repair is done with the highest quality of work at an affordable price.

Tuckpointing is a technique first discovered in the late 17th century, which was a way of imitating complex, expensive brickwork in a much easier way while still maintaining its beauty. Contractors used to use manual tools such as chisels, wire brushes, and trowels during tuckpointing. Nowadays, tuckpointing contractors Skokie area use a wet cutting diamond blade for more precise and more durable bricks.

Reasons Why Our Masonry Contractors Skokie are the Right Choice


When it comes to tuckpointing and masonry repair services, finding masonry near me Skokie services has never been easier. Trust us to consistently deliver the highest quality workmanship in the region whenever you need it.


Our customers are the most important part of our business, so we go beyond doing a professional job every time. We also add that special personal touch to every masonry repair Skokie or any other project we work on. We appreciate you choosing us.


With close to two decades of experience, providing the highest level of tuckpointing, masonry, sandblasting, and chimney repair Skokie come naturally. You can always expect the very best from our services.

Service Are of our professional Tuckpointing Services

Serving Chicago and the wider area, The Best Masonry Inc. is a proud part of the community offering customized expert brick repair services and a lot more. Contact us from your area and we’ll bring you our very best in quality services. Check out our entire service area and call us for top-flight professional masonry contractors Skokie and Chicagoland at large.

Best Tuckpointing & Masonry Contractors Skokie.
Why Do We Still Build With Masonry?

For more than 200 years, masonry has been used in building and constructing houses or buildings. We even use it until today in the 21st century, also if there are a lot of alternatives that we can already take advantage of that will make the job easier. It has been decades that the housing construction in the US uses bricks made from clay. There are also several masonry contractors Skokie that prefer masonry instead of using other advanced technology to build houses. You may wonder why masonry is still used today. Masonry has been developed and made modern to provide more protection from harsh weather conditions as well as security.

Using the masonry method in housing construction has been provided to be a great method because of the craftsmanship and brickwork that it requires. There may be other methods such as the use of timber or steel frame, prefab systems, and composite structures, but masonry repair has been passed down from generations to the next. Masonry makes your structure look beautiful and sophisticated, and it also makes masonry contractors Skokie practice their art in the construction industry because it takes a lot of patience to master.

The Importance of Masonry Repairs – Take Care of Your Home With Our Professional Tuckpointing & Masonry Skokie

Our home may have wood shingles, but don’t forget that chimneys and foundation walls are constructed with bricks or stones. Over time, the masonry on old houses eventually needs repair. Masonry chimneys are durable and made to last a lifetime. However, the mortar holding the stone or bricks deteriorates, and when it happens, cracks form and the water enters. Masonry elements are naturally porous, which implies that they take in water from melted ice, snow, and rain. No matter how well-built your chimneys and fireplace, it can also suffer damages. A small water leak can result in a collapsed chimney structure. The best thing to do is to find a professional mason to conduct an inspection in your chimney structure. Our masonry contractors Skokie are experienced and well-trained in handling diverse chimney repairs, chimney restoration, and fireplace repair. 

When you live in an old home, you must be more cautious in hiring a professional mason to perform tuckpointing because brick repair needs an intricate process. It is important to use the perfect type of mortar in repointing. Using the wrong type will cause permanent damage. The common mortar used nowadays is very strong and hard because of the amount of Portland Cement. Although Portland Cement is good for certain applications, it takes a professional and experienced mason to make a mortar mixture to repair masonry damage in your home. Our experts use tuckpointing Skokie techniques in our brickworks and brick repair. When looking for masonry contractors near me Skokie, know that we place great value on our customer relationships and take immense pride in delivering high-quality workmanship.


What makes our company different from any other masonry & tuckpointing Skokie companies? Best Tuckpointing Contractors Skokie


One of the most important aspects when carrying out any work at home or business is an open and constant communication with clients from start to finish, something that we never overlook. Our contractors take into consideration all your needs and preferences, as well as your available budget, so they can deliver the highest quality masonry or tuckpointing Skokie work.


All of our branches within the state of Illinois (including Skokie) are characterized by giving a dedicated and efficient service to customers through courtesy and respect, regardless of the logistics involved in the masonry project or tuckpointing in the infrastructure. We are also known for having an unblemished reputation for providing services with the highest quality and performance standards in the industry, something that is fully evident in our long (and growing) list of clients.

Quality Workmanship

If you happen to have a problem with your masonry or tuckpointing Skokie area of your commercial or residential space, don’t worry about it, as our contractors can take care of it without problems. They have the due experience and agility to carry out any work of masonry restoration / repair, chimney restoration / repair, fireplace remodel, among other services. We also provide detailed cleaning services to make your walls look like new, as if they’ve never had a trace of dirt.

Reviving Your Home Brick By Brick. Best Tuckpointing Skokie Masonry & Chimney Repair Contractors Skokie

Vertical frame Sunny day view of home facade with stone brick chimneys and gable roofs. Exterior of houses view of the upper storey and roof structure against sky background.

When it comes to doing quality tuckpointing and masonry work in the Skokie area, we are your best alternative, as we have a lot of experience, and we have the necessary knowledge of current industry standards to provide excellent results in our work. We take care that the masonry and fireplace in your space is kept in optimal conditions so that you can continue to use it for many years to come.

Our veteran contractors will see to it that the brickworks in your commercial or residential space are kept in great condition, as water and other pests are always around the corner to damage your facade to the point of requiring replacement. Apart from this, our company only uses the highest quality materials so that its infrastructure is always kept safe and waterproof. When it comes to providing a first-class service to your infrastructure so that it remains prevailing in the face of weather changes, we offer it to you. Contact us through our phones or our official website. We will gladly assist you!

Testimonials of Best Masonry Contractors Skokie

We had failing bricks on our home but The Best Masonry fixed it. Their experts were able to match our bricks to make it look perfect. They are a reliable company for brick repair in Skokie.

Lori McLaughlin
My chimney was crumbling but The Best Masonry responded with outstanding chimney restoration in Skokie. I was very happy with their fast service and excellent work.

Simon Peterson
I looked for sandblasting services near me and found The Best Masonry. What a great find! They were easy to work with and very reliable. I was amazed by the nice job they did for me.

Jerry Benjamin
When my garage had issues, I spoke with The Best Masonry to help and they sent masonry contractors in Skokie that were very professional. It wasn’t long before my garage was back in perfect condition.  

Alexandra Pinto
The Best Masonry did a fantastic job of sealing my home, which had some brick problems for far too long. Their tuckpointing contractors in Skokie knew just what to do to make it right. 

Anthony Mayhew
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