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Way back in 2001 our founder was doing union work and gaining experience with all kinds of contractor services, including lintel repair, parapet walls, and masonry repair in Lincoln Park. Then, in 2009, he decided to go out on his own as a subcontractor. This allowed him to expand his skills and become an expert in masonry, tuckpointing, and other types of brick repair Lincoln Park area. That led him to start up The Best Masonry Inc. The goal was not only to provide top-quality masonry repair Lincoln Park service and restoration services, among other much-needed services throughout the Lincoln Park area, but The Best Masonry Inc. was established to bring something more. What gives this company an edge, is availability and a huge range of professional services.

We make it as easy as possible for our customers to reach us and schedule an appointment. It shows how reliable our tuckpointing and masonry contractors near Lincoln Park are. But we do so much more to help you maintain your residential or commercial building. From chimney restoration Lincoln Park to fireplace repair, and sandblasting, we do it all with the utmost in professionalism.

When searching for masonry contractors near me Lincoln Park, remember to call The Best Masonry Inc. and experience the ease of having expert professionals work for you.

The Best Masonry Repair & Tuckpointing Lincoln Park Services


Masonry Lincoln Park

We offer you the fast, reliable and high-quality residential and commercial masonry repair and masonry restoration Lincoln Park that you expect from professional masonry contractors near Lincoln Park with years of experience.


Tuckpointing Lincoln Park

Our professional tuckpointing Lincoln Park service will seal your bricks and make them look great. We have skilled tuckpointing contractors available to give your bricks that special touch.


Lintel Replacement Lincoln Park

A worn-out lintel is a danger that can be avoided. Our lintel repair experts act fast so you don’t have to be concerned about that falling lintel from above.


Waterproofing Lincoln Park

Keep your structure water-tight to provide safety, security, and a healthy environment. We are the right choice for waterproofing companies, making sure your home or building is well protected against water.


Parapet Walls Lincoln Park

Keep your parapet wall in good condition with our experienced professionals. Our skills can handle all types of wall repair to make certain everything is performing as expected.


Fireplaces Lincoln Park

A fireplace in disrepair can be a serious hazard. Before you use it, call us for your fireplace repair. We can restore your fireplace to function beautifully and safely for your enjoyment.


Chimneys Lincoln Park

As an extension of your fireplace, the chimney has an important role. With qualified experts in chimney repair and Lincoln Park restoration Lincoln Park, we guarantee your chimney will be fully intact and functioning efficiently. When in search of chimney repair near me Lincoln Park, trust us for top-notch service.


Sandblasting Lincoln Park

If you have old paint, dirt, or anything else that is getting in the way of your building looking its best, our services include sandblasting in Lincoln Park to get your bricks clean and beautiful.

Making the Point About Tuckpointing Lincoln Park


Bricks are a commonly used material for every kind of construction, commercial, residential, and industrial. But when your bricks begin showing signs of wear and need more than simply masonry repair Lincoln Park service, you need the masonry contractors near Lincoln Park that specialize in tuckpointing.

With tuckpointing contractors near Lincoln Park here to take care of your bricks, your building will have a completely new look and a protective waterproof seal throughout. Tuckpointing is the removal of mortar joints that show deterioration from damage or time and replacing them with new mortar designed to closely match your existing brickwork. After that, a fine line of putty in a contrasting color, known as a fillet, is carefully deposited along the center of each new mortar joint.

When completed, the new tuckpointing gives your bricks a new look that is refined and one that you can trust to maintain the structure and security of your walls.

Check Tuckpointing Technique served by Best Tuckpointing Contractors Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park is the place where masonry and tuckpointing is abundant. The reason for this is because of the harsh weather that your structures experience during the winter season. You may notice some damages on your brickworks, and this is where you would need your tuckpointing services to be done. Our tuckpointing contractors and masonry contractors near Lincoln Park are the ones that you can count on to ensure that your structures will be sturdy and beautiful.

Tuckpointing is a technique that was discovered in the late 17th century, which was a way of imitating complex, expensive brickwork in a much easier way while still maintaining its beauty. Back in the old times, manual tools like chisels, wire brushes, and trowels were the first tools used in tuckpointing and restoration with our masonry contractors near you in Lincoln Park services. To ensure that our customers will get precise and durable bricks, the manual tools are replaced with wet cutting diamond blades.

Why Choose Our Masonry Contractors Lincoln Park?


Masonry repair and tuckpointing Lincoln Park is a simple process with us because you can get a hold of us whenever you need us. Rely on our top-quality work whenever you’re looking for masonry near me Lincoln Park – we’re always here to help.


Our customers are our top priority. That’s why we are professional and we add a personal touch to each masonry repair Lincoln Park with a welcoming and cheerful appreciation for choosing our great services.


With nearly 20 years in the business, our experience with tuckpointing, masonry, sandblasting, and chimney repair Lincoln Park is unmatched. We have seen and done it all so you can expect the best.

Service Are of our professional Tuckpointing Services

Serving much of the Chicagoland area, The Best Masonry Inc. is here to offer the community our personalized, expert brick repair services and so much more. Call us to visit your area for top quality services you can rely on. Check our service area and contact us for expert masonry contractors near me in Lincoln Park and the rest of the Chicago area.

Best Tuckpointing & Masonry Contractors Lincoln Park.
Why Do We Still Build With Masonry?

Masonry has been used in building and constructing houses or buildings for more than 200 years. Until today, in the 21st century, we still use masonry services to ensure that the structures will not only look beautiful but will last for years. For decades, housing construction in the US uses bricks made from clay. There are a number of masonry contractors near you in Lincoln Park that prefer masonry, although they can take advantage of other advanced technology to build houses. You may wonder, why is masonry still widely used? Well, through generations, masonry has been developed and made modern to provide your home or buildings protection from harsh weather conditions.

Many housing contractors in Lincoln Park use masonry. It has been proven to be an excellent method because of the craftsmanship and the brickwork that it requires, making it a traditional way of constructing houses. There are other methods out there like the use of timber or steel frame, prefab systems, or composite structures, but masonry repair has been passed down from generations to the next. It doesn’t only provide that sophisticated and beautiful look to a home, but it also makes masonry contractors near Lincoln Park area practice their art in the construction industry. With masonry restoration Lincoln Park, it takes patience and skills to get the job done right.

The Importance of Masonry Repairs – Take Care of Your Home With Our Professional Tuckpointing & Masonry Near Lincoln Park

One of the essential elements of construction is to ensure that the building is waterproof. If the water seeps into the wall, it makes the structure weak. Masonry is prone to chipping and cracking; that is why masonry repair Lincoln Park becomes necessary over time. The chimney is the coziest part of a home; however, due to constant exposure to elements, bricks and mortar joints can be damaged. To keep your family safe and warm, it is essential to hire reliable masonry contractors near you to conduct preventive maintenance, chimney repair, and chimney restoration Lincoln Park service to catch problems early. Cracks in the chimney can leak heat into the walls and can lead to structural damaged, collapsed chimney, or even house fire. Our masonry contractors near Lincoln Park can help you with fireplace repair and tuckpointing.

Tuckpointing is a labor-extensive job that ensures the longevity and stability of your chimney through harsh winter and rainy spring. Brick and mortar are some of the most durable and oldest building materials. But no matter how durable they are, they still need to be maintained to withstand the natural elements. It is essential to test for loose mortar joints, especially when you live in an old house. If harsh weather comes in contact with deteriorating mortar joints, it could damage your brick structure and may cost you heavy repair. That is why our tuckpointing contractors Lincoln Park use advanced techniques to replace any damaged and missing bricks. Get in touch with us today for exceptional chimney repair, brick repair, and tuckpointing services, and find the expert masonry contractors near me Lincoln Park you’ve been looking for.


Testimonials of Best Masonry Contractors Licoln Park

After calling The Best for tuckpointing for my office building, I was very happy with their speed of service and the great work they did. Their tuckpointing contractors in Lincoln Park understood what I needed and they were happy to provide it with excellent quality.

Gerald Sieber
These masonry contractors in Lincoln Park gave my garage a new life. The initial call I made to them gave me confidence in their service and they lived up to their promise to get it done quickly and properly. I was very happy with the great service from beginning to end.

Bryan Hall
I manage a building that required masonry restoration in Lincoln Park, so I contacted these masonry contractors to see what they could do. I was impressed with the knowledge they had and the details they were able to give me. The job they did was remarkable.

Stella Doran
This great group of masonry contractors in Lincoln Park really did a wonderful job of helping my mother with some masonry repairs. She was so worried but they put her mind at ease and kept her updated on their progress until they were finished. What a great team of professionals.

Ronald Badgett
We weren’t sure what was happening with the bricks on our north wall so we called around for anyone to have a look at it and fix it. These masonry contractors in Lincoln Park were quick to respond, they showed up soon after, and the issue was solved before we knew it.

Rebeca Mayo
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