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Best Masonry Contractors & Tuckpointing in Evanston
Quality Tuckpointing Services Masonry Restoration & Repair in Evanston

Top Quality of Masonry & Tuckpointing Contractors in Evanston


As far back as 2001, our company founder was doing union work gave him experience with many kinds of contractor services, including lintel repair, parapet walls, and masonry repair in Evanston. Then, he decided to go out on his own as a subcontractor in 2009. This gave him the opportunity to expand his skills and become an expert in masonry, tuckpointing, and other kinds of brick repair in Evanston.

That led to the start-up of The Best Masonry Inc. The goal of the company was not only to provide the best quality masonry repair and restoration services available, along with other required services throughout the Chicago area, but The Best Masonry Inc. was founded to bring something more. That competitive edge is availability and a wide range of professional services offered.

Our customers can easily reach us to schedule an appointment, which shows how reliably professional our masonry and tuckpointing contractors in Evanston are. But we offer so much more to help our customers maintain residential and commercial property buildings. From chimney restoration in Evanston to fireplace repair in Skokie, and sandblasting in Lincoln Park, we can do it all reliably and professionally.

Call The Best Masonry Inc. and see just how easy it is to get the experts working for you.

Top - Notch Tuckpointing, Masonry Restoration & Chimney Restoration Services in Evanston


Masonry Evanston

We provide the fast, reliable and great quality residential and commercial masonry repair and masonry restoration in Evanston that you expect to get from expert masonry contractors with years of experience.


Tuckpointing Evanston

Our superior tuckpointing in Evanston will help to seal your bricks and make them look perfect. Our skilled tuckpointing contractors are available to give your bricks that special attention.


Lintel Replacement Evanston

Don’t go another day with a bad lintel. It poses a serious danger that can easily be avoided. Our lintel repair is fast and easy so you don’t have to worry about any potential injuries from above.


Waterproofing Evanston

Keep your home or building water-tight to for safety, security, and a healthy indoor environment. Leading other waterproofing companies in Evanston, we are the right choice to protect against leaks.


Parapet Walls Evanston

Keeping your parapet wall in good condition is important to the entire structure of your building. The skill of our experienced professionals can manage with all kinds of wall repair to keep your parapet wall in top shape.


Fireplaces Evanston

Make sure your fireplace is in the best possible condition before you operate it. Avoid any dangers with our professional fireplace repair and stay safe while enjoying that beautiful fire.


Chimneys Evanston

Your chimney plays an important role as an extension of your fireplace. Let us keep it fully intact and operational with our skilled experts in chimney repair and chimney restoration in Evanston.


Sandblasting Evanston

For any kind of old paint, dirt, or other unwanted grime on your building, call us to make your bricks look like new with sandblasting in Evanston. We’ll make all that troublesome grit disappear.

All About Tuckpointing in Evanston


As the most commonly used building material, bricks can be found on all kinds of construction from commercial to residential to industrial. But even bricks show signs of wear that can require maintenance that goes beyond simply masonry repair in Evanston. At that point, you need the masonry contractors that specialize with tuckpointing.

Tuckpointing contractors in Evanston are here to care for your bricks so your building gets a completely new look but it also stays protected from water leaks throughout. Tuckpointing is designed to remove deteriorating mortar joints, whether from damage or due to age, and replacing them with new mortar which matches existing brickwork. This is followed up with the addition of a fine line of putty in a contrasting color, known as a fillet. The fillet is carefully placed along the center of the new mortar joints.

When finished, your new tuckpointing in Evanston gives your bricks a look that is new and refined. With tuckpointing, you can trust that the structure and seal of your walls are secure.

Why Our Masonry Contractors in Evanston are the Right Choice?


Tuckpointing and masonry repair in Evanston is so easy with our services because you can always count on us to be there when you need us, providing the highest level of workmanship possible.


We make our customers our top priority. So on top of our professional project management, we add that personal touch to every masonry repair in Evanston. Expect a warm and cheerful appreciation for choosing our expert services.


We have nearly 20 years of experience in the business, providing top-level tuckpointing, masonry, sandblasting, and chimney repair in Evanston that is unparalleled. We have done it all before so you can expect the very best.

Service Are of our professional Tuckpointing Services

Serving the wider Chicago area, The Best Masonry Inc. offers the community personalized and expert brick repair services along with so much more. Contact us to bring our best to your area for quality services you will be proud of. Check our complete service area and call us for professional masonry contractors in Evanston and the rest of Chicagoland.

Testimonials of Best Masonry Contractors Evanston

The Best Masonry provided me with excellent service for brick repair in Evanston. They took their time and did the job right to make sure my home was back in good form.

Tonya Sounds
Over the last couple of years, my chimney became very fragile and needed professional attention. The Best Masonry was the perfect company to call for chimney restoration in Evanston. They worked fast to make all the repairs needed.

Janet Speks
The Best Masonry was the first to give me an estimate when I was looking for sandblasting services near me. They were always available and easy to schedule. I’m glad I found them.

Marc Hannigan
When I called The Best Masonry to take care of a retaining wall, I was impressed to find their masonry contractors in Evanston to be so quick to respond and they worked very efficiently to get the job done.

Albert Lido
I appreciate everything that The Best Masonry tuckpointing contractors in Evanston did to make my building look amazing. Their customer service was excellent and their work was as advertised.

Steven Maloney
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