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It all began in 2001, when our owner was doing union work, gaining experience along the way in all kinds of services, including lintel repair, parapet walls, and masonry repair Chicago. Then, in 2009, he went out on his own as a subcontractor, expanding his skills and becoming an expert in masonry, tuckpointing, and other brick repair Chicago.

That led to founding The Best Masonry Inc. With the goal of not only providing top-level masonry repair and restoration services, among other crucial services throughout the Chicago area, The Best Masonry Inc. was established to offer something more. What sets this company apart, is availability and a wide range of services.

We make it easy for our customers to contact us and schedule an appointment to show just how reliable our masonry and tuckpointing contractors are. But we don’t just stop at a few essential services to help maintain your residential or commercial building. From chimney restoration Chicago to fireplace repair and sandblasting, we do it all with professional expertise to back it up. When seeking masonry contractors near me Chicago, reach out to The Best Masonry Inc. and experience the ease of having experts work for you.

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Masonry Chicago

We bring you fast, reliable and top-quality masonry repair and masonry restoration Chicago. Our masonry contractors have years of experience that can help with your residential or commercial property.

the best tuckpointing Chicago

Tuckpointing Chicago

Why just repair it, when you can seal it and make it look great with our professional tuckpointing Chicago? We have specialized tuckpointing contractors ready to make your bricks look their best.


Lintel Replacement Chicago

A deteriorating lintel poses a dangerous threat o you and anyone who approaches. That’s why we act fast to offer expert lintel repair services, so you don’t have to worry about that danger from above.


Waterproofing Chicago

Keep your home or building water-tight for safety, security, and even your health. We are the smart choice of waterproofing companies to make sure your structure is protected from leaks.


Parapet Walls Chicago

Our experienced professionals can make sure your parapet wall remains intact and secure. We are skilled in all kinds of wall repair to ensure your entire structure is performing as it should.


Fireplaces Chicago

A broken or worn down fireplace can be a hazard, so before you use it, call us for fireplace repair. We’ll restore your fireplace to its full beauty and function so it is safe and enjoyable.


Chimneys Chicago

Your chimney is an extension of your fireplace, so we can ensure that it is fully functional and intact with our expert chimney repair and chimney restoration Chicago.


Sandblasting Chicago

Whether it’s old paint, dirt, or graffiti, we can get your building back to its original appearance with our sandblasting services in Chicago. Make your bricks as clean as they used to be.

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Bricks are the most commonly used material for all kinds of construction, whether it’s commercial, residential, or industrial. But when your brickwork needs attention that is more just simple masonry repair, you need masonry contractors Chicago who specialize in tuckpointing.

With tuckpointing contractors taking care of your bricks, you will have a completely new look and a fully waterproof seal for your building. Tuckpointing Chicago service is the process of removing all mortar joints that have deteriorated over time and replacing them with new mortar that closely matches your existing brickwork. Following that, a thin line of contrasting colored putty, also known as a fillet, is carefully inserted along the center of every new mortar joint.

Once completed, the new tuckpointing Chicago will give your bricks a new and refined look that you can trust to keep your structure secure at the same time.

Check Tuckpointing Technique served by Best Tuckpointing Contractors Chicago

Discover the Finest Tuckpointing Techniques from Leading Masonry Contractors Chicago

Chicago is a place known for the abundance of masonry and brickwork structures. These structures are quite old and show signs of damage because of Chicago’s harsh weather during the winter season. These damaged brick structures are in need of repairs or tuckpointing Chicago service.  Masonry and tuckpointing contractors Chicago can be counted on when it comes to brick repair or tuckpointing. Our tuckpointing contractors Chicago are known because of their professionalism, and they are highly qualified in tuckpointing.

Tuckpointing is a technique first discovered in the late 17th century, which was a way of imitating complex expensive brickwork in a much easier way while still maintaining its beauty.  Manual tools like chisels, wire brushes, and trowels were the first tools used in tuckpointing. To manufacture more precise and more durable bricks, these manual tuckpointing tools were replaced with wet cutting diamond blades.

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We are nothing without our customers, that’s why we bring professionalism and a personal touch to every masonry repair Chicago area. We are welcoming and cheerful because we appreciate you choosing our great services.

When seeking chimney repair near me Chicago, turn to us, with almost 20 years of industry experience, for comprehensive services that encompass tuckpointing, masonry, sandblasting, and more. Our expertise goes beyond your expectations.

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Exploring the Enduring Appeal of Masonry: Insights from Top Masonry Contractors Chicago

For more than 200 years, masonry has been used in building and constructing houses or buildings. We still use it today in the 21st century, even if there are a lot of alternatives that we can already take advantage of that will make the job easier. For decades, housing construction in the US uses bricks made from clay. A number of masonry contractors Chicago prefer masonry, although they can take advantage of other advanced technology to build houses, so why is masonry still widely used? Through generations, masonry Chicago has been developed and made modern to provide more protection from harsh weather conditions as well as security. Housing contractors in Chicago used masonry. They proved it to be a great method because of the craftsmanship and the brickwork that it requires, making it a traditional way of constructing houses. There may be other methods like the use of timber or steel frame, prefab systems, and composite structures, but masonry restoration has been passed down from generations to the next. Not only does it make a house look more beautiful and sophisticated, but it also makes masonry contractors Chicago practice their art in the construction industry because it takes a lot of patience and skill to master the art of masonry restoration.

The Importance of Masonry Repairs – Take Care of Your Home With Our Professional Tuckpointing & Masonry Chicago

Ensuring the Longevity of Your Home with Skilled Masonry Contractors Chicago

Chimneys are made to be durable and can last for a lifetime. However, due to poor construction and constant exposure to different weather conditions, it can lead to damaged bricks and mortar joints. The masonry materials can easily absorb water from rain and melted ice as well as snow. Any well-built masonry chimneys can suffer from water damage. If one neglects to pay attention to water leak, it can end up causing your chimney to collapse. When you have problems with your chimney, choosing the right company to get it fixed and done is important. Having a masonry job done needs the experience and education to do the job properly. Our masonry contractors Chicago are proud to offer masonry repair services to anyone who needs them.

Mortar is one of the most difficult things to repair when it comes to masonry. Now, if you live in an older home, it is most likely that lime mortar was used for its construction. Having said this, the older the mortar, the less compatible it may be with the Portland cement-based mortar that is used nowadays. In this case, it is crucial to use the right materials when repairing any masonry damage in older homes. Our contractors use tuckpointing Chicago techniques to replace any damaged, missing bricks and mortar joints. We are the company that you can trust when it comes to your tuckpointing and masonry Chicago needs. Once the damaged mortars are removed, we will use special pointed tools to tuck a new mortar in between the bricks. This will reinforce and restore the structure of your chimney.


What makes our company different from any other Chicago masonry & tuckpointing company? Best Tuckpointing Contractors Chicago


Our masonry and tuckpointing Chicago company believes that keeping in touch with our clients from inquiry up to the completion is the fundament of the total satisfaction. Our masonry and tuckpointing contractors in Chicago assess customer’s preferences and need to build business-customer relationships. We do our utmost to meet our clients’ needs and take all the measures to meet their needs. We also consider customer’s concerns such as budget and if they have special needs.


Our masonry Chicago company is dedicated to providing our customers with respect and courtesy. No matter what type your building is, we treat each project, small or significant equally, and consider each job. We are proud to establish an unblemished reputation for delivering the highest quality service and artistry to our partners. Our long list of satisfied customers attests to our first-rate craftsmanship, clear communication, integrity, honesty, and great attention to detail.

Quality Workmanship

Our tuckpointing contractors Chicago have decades of the combined experience in tuckpointing, chimney repair, chimney restoration, brickworks, and brick repair, fireplace repair, fireplace remodel, and masonry repair and restoration. We are dedicated and passionate about working in the masonry field. Whatever problem you have in masonry or tuckpointing, more than likely, our contractors have encountered it before. We provide detailed cleaning of the work area and ensure our customers that your wall will appear new and natural, like when it was initially built.

Reviving Your Home Brick By Brick. Best Tuckpointing Chicago Masonry & Chimney Repair Chicago Contractors

Choose Finest Masonry Contractors Chicago for Tuckpointing and Chimney Repairs

Vertical frame Sunny day view of home facade with stone brick chimneys and gable roofs. Exterior of houses view of the upper storey and roof structure against sky background.

For quality tuckpointing and masonry Chicago services, we are the ones that you can rely on and trust. As the leading masonry contractors and tuckpointing contractors in the area, we have the latest knowledge and experience that you can count on in providing flawless results. Masonry can be a treasured and beautiful addition to your property, but it must be properly installed and cared for throughout the years. Whether you need a masonry repair, fireplace repair, or chimney repair Chicago area, our company wants to provide you with impeccable results that you have always wanted.

Our contractors will bring the beauty back to your brickworks with the highest quality of skills. If you have cracking and deteriorating mortar, it’s only a matter of time before pests and water find their way in. With this said, our professional masonry and tuckpointing contractors Chicago are here to fix those issues, ensuring that your bricks will look beautiful for years. Our company only uses top-notch materials and will make sure that your structure is secure and waterproof. When looking for masonry contractors near me Chicago to ensure the safety and durability of your home or commercial space in any weather condition, don’t hesitate to reach out. Give us a call today!

Frequently Asked Question About Masonry Repair & Tuckpointing Chicago
The Best Masonry & Tuckpointing Chicago

Your Questions Answered by Premier Masonry Contractors Chicago

What is tuckpointing?
A method that creates artificial brick walls using two contrasting colors that appear as realistic bricks and joints is called tuckpointing in Chicago. We have qualified masonry contractors that can help you with all your tuckpointing needs. Give our masonry team a call today, and we will set an appointment for you.
How long should the tuckpointing last?
When done properly and precisely, tuckpointing in Chicago should last for years, even decades. Of course, you need to consider other concerns such as piping electrical issues that have been settled during the masonry work in your home. What are you waiting for? Our expert team of masonry contractors is here for you anytime.
I need a new chimney, can you help?
Our company offers a wide range of general masonries, such as chimney repair, chimney restoration, fireplace repair, and fireplace remodel in Chicago. With our skillful masonry contractors in the Chicago area, you can rely on and trust us to get the job done right.

Tuckpointing Restoration & Masonry Repair Chicago building Restoration Technique

Advanced Restoration Techniques by Expert Masonry Contractors Chicago

Repairing dilapidated mortar is known as tuckpointing and it is one of the most common brick repair services provided by our expert tuckpointing contractors Chicago, who are highly skilled and have mastered this art. Quality tuckpointing Chicago comes directly from the masons who do the work. The level of experience shown by our masonry contractors Chicago is displayed through our understanding of the unique skills required for masonry restoration, as historic buildings take time and patience to complete properly. At BRC, our tuckpointing contractors perform the work to the highest standards and conform to the specifications required in any given situation.

A Steady Hand
Cutting through old mortar takes a steady and experienced hand by masonry contractors Chicago who know their trade. Our team utilizes the skills acquired from experience to provide cuts that are true, without wavy lines that stand out between bricks and without damaging any adjacent bricks.

Cutting Depth
The mortar joints must be cut deep enough to accommodate the new mortar so it can properly adhere to the brick or stone surrounding it. How deep the cut goes depends on the status of the old mortar, making each masonry repair Chicago unique. Our tuckpointing and masonry contractors in Chicago work with experience to determine how deep each cut should be.

Mortar Preparation
Creating the mortar properly is essential, as it helps to prevent damage to the overall building structure. If mortar sets too hard, it will not be able to expand properly, potentially resulting in damaged brickwork. This is noticeable when brick faces pop off or they crack under warm weather conditions. This kind of damage can be more costly to repair than just tuckpointing Chicago.

If only sections of the building are undergoing repairs, it should all blend together with the rest of the brickworks. Noticeable variations between the old and the new will affect the overall aesthetic appeal of the property, which is why only experts in masonry repair Chicago should handle such a project.

Can Tuckpointing Be Done in the Winter?
Although tuckpointing can be carried out in the winter, it is not recommended due to the fact that for the masonry repair work to be effective, it must be carried out on days where the temperature is between 40 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit (something that can only be be possible in the spring or fall season). Apart from that, it cannot develop on rainy days. However, if your brickworks need it to avoid further damage, you can do it.

What If You Need Tuckpointing Services in the Winter?
If you find evidence of fractures in the mortar to the point of needing a brick repair procedure, it is clear that you need the assistance of masonry contractors Chicago. To do this, we will use additives that will help speed up the drying time and increase the heat that the mortar will generate during the healing process.

For the process to take place effectively, we will cover the works with a tarp, which will help keep the heat in the area, while keeping the elements of nature out of the mortar. However, we will also use external heaters to protect the works from winter conditions.

Be Proactive with Your Home
Always take the time to inspect your home bricks in the warm months for cracking, crumbling, flaking or loose mortars. Save yourself the unnecessary expense and hassle of requiring masonry repair work in the winter time. In the same way, we are available to do any type of masonry work regardless of the prevailing weather conditions!


Testimonials of Best Tuckpointing Contractors & Masonry Contractors Chicago

Your tuckpointing in Chicago was right on point and right on time before the winter arrived. The suggestions about color you made were also greatly appreciated. 

Darin Brewer
I had no idea that I could get such wonderful tuckpointing near me. I also showed some friends and neighbors the great job your company did. 

Barry Potter
The masonry contractors at your company were very professional and proactive in the help they gave me. I feel I made the right decisions.

Felipe Kelley
I came across your company when looking for tuckpointing in Chicago for my mother’s house and I had a great experience from the point of contact.

Chad Bennett
I liked how I was able to get through to a professional right away, without any nonsense or added stress to my already challenging chimney repair.

Casey Bradley
The Best Masonry Company in Chicago remodeled and repaired our existing fireplace and chimney. The team was fun to have around and did a great job on the interior remodel and the exterior tuckpointing. We can highly recommend this company for service and professionalism.

Astor Jade
Professional tuck pointers and masons were needed to save the facade of our century home. The Best Masonry Company did an excellent job. Our Chicago house looks like new, best on the block, and will be preserved for quite a while longer.

Braxton Arron
We contracted Best Masonry Company in Chicago to remodel our fireplace. That had some awesome ideas that were not going to break our pocketbook. We were impressed with the service we got, and the result is that we have a fabulous fireplace to enjoy. Thanks, guys.

Magdalene Felix
We looked for a masonry contractor in the Chicago area, and friends recommended The Best Masonry Company. And they did not disappoint! Knowledgeable staff and experience contractors had our roofing issues solved in no time and for a reasonable amount of money.

Rolland Caileigh
The Best Masonry Company in Chicago is the best. An emergency situation with our chimney flashings was dealt with promptly and professionally by these guys. They tuckpointed our chimney and fixed the flashings, and this has saved us a lot of future expenses.

Deborah Jordana
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