What is tuckpointing?
Tuckpointing is the method of creating artificial brick walls by using two contrasting colors that appear as realistic bricks and joints. We have highly qualified masonry contractors from Chicago that can help you with all your tuckpointing concerns. Get in touch with us today and we will set an appointment.

How long should the tuckpointing last?
Tuckpointing, when done properly and precisely, should last for years, sometimes as long as decades. This is considering that even other concerns such as piping and electrical issues have been settled during the masonry work on your Chicago home. We can get started today. Get in touch with us anytime.

I need a new chimney, can you help?
At our company, we offer a wide array of services for general masonry, including masonry restoration, chimney restoration, chimney repair, masonry repair, fireplace repair, and fireplace remodel in Chicago. We have skillful masonry contractors from the local area that you can rely on. We serve in the following Chicago areas: Lincoln Park, Evanston, Skokie, Lakeview, and Uptown area. Call us today to have your chimney, fireplace, or brick wall professionally inspected immediately.

Are you licensed?
Our masonry company is licensed, bonded, and insured. We aim to deliver hassle free services to everyone in the Chicago, Lincoln Park, Evanston, Skokie, Lake View and Uptown
area. We achieve this by having all the legal business paperwork and holding an excellent record of successful projects in the past. Let us know how we can help you. For a reliable “tuckpointing company near me”, call us today!

Is there an ideal time in which to have my chimney cleaned?
Here at Best Masonry Inc, we sweep chimneys year round. It is best to have your chimney swept prior to the arrival of the colder weather in which you will utilize your fireplace more often. For the majority of Chicago homeowners, this translates to a request for our services, at the very latest, late in fall or in the early part of winter. You should ensure your chimney is cleaned and inspected at least one time per year.

Is roof access required for chimney technicians to clean?
In general, roof access is not necessary for proper chimney cleaning.  The majority of the work is performed indoors. If safety allows (without ice or snow), we will use ladders or other devices to assess the top of your chimney.

What exactly are chimney liners and for what reason are they important?
A chimney pipe (or chimney liner) is a long tube that goes down through your chimney and is then attached to some appliance. This pipe is often made of stainless steel or aluminum. A chimney liner might be attached to a wood-burning insert, a gas fireplace, or another similar item. Having a liner installed is not a great idea when the flue tile has become cracked or mortar is missing. In these situations, dealing with the necessary repairs is recommended over the simple installation of a liner. When you finally decide to buy a liner, be sure its installation is properly performed by a qualified Chicago chimney professional from Best Masonry Inc.

Why is a chimney cap important?
We are surprised when a home does not have a chimney cap. It might never have been installed or could have gone missing. No matter what the reason, a chimney cap is essential. The proper Chicago chimney cap installation will stop any water from entering into your chimney, in turn damaging the damper, mortar, and liner. A chimney cap prevents embers and sparks from escaping along with ensuring animals and birds are kept out. It can keep leaves and varied debris from obstructing your flu. The installation of a chimney cap reduces the chances of fire or smoke damage from downdrafts, preventing carbon monoxide poisoning and improving safety. In the future, you will not require such extensive smoke stain removal services.

When is it best to inspect my chimney?
It is best to program an annual fireplace inspection prior to the beginning of winter. Most Chicago homeowners have their inspections taken care of in early fall. By following this schedule, there is plenty of time to encounter and repair any issue encountered before the weather gets too cold.

Do chimneys require maintenance during summer or spring?
Having detailed work such as tuckpointing and flue resurfacing taken care of during warm weather months when you are not regularly using your fireplace is a great idea. This is also a convenient moment in which to perform major repairs too, prior to requiring its heat to keep warm during winter months.

What are some indicators of chimney issues?
The signs below might indicate issues with your chimney:
Water inside your fireplace – the cap or damper is not functioning properly, letting rainwater in.  Large amounts of smoke are coming into your home rather than up your chimney – your chimney is potentially blocked.  A strong smell is coming from your fireplace – this might mean there is a creosote or soot buildup which could cause a fire.  Missing mortar or broken bricks – the chimney exterior damage may indicate interior issues.  A draft – the damper may not be closing correctly or the chimney may have a crack.

Is DIYing chimney repair safe?
We only recommend that trained professionals attempt climbing a chimney. The DIY repair you are considering might appear to have easy access.  However, chimneys are extremely confined areas. Possessing the proper tools can be an important factor. At Best Masonry Inc, our team of technicians possess more than 30 years of experience and always utilize the proper tools for each job.

What Can Cause Leaks in a Chimney?
A number of things may trigger chimney leaks.  However, the two main culprits include:
Unsuitable waterproofing. Any chimney is constantly exposed to a variety of weather types (wind, sleet, snow, rain). In order to ensure leaks are not an issue, diligent waterproofing is required.
Leaking Flashing.  As the metal that provides the connection between the chimney and the roof, leaking may occur if it becomes damaged or loose. You may wish to check out this article regarding flashing leaks.

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