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Best Masonry & Tuckpointing Contractors in Uptown, IL
Quality Tuckpointing Services Masonry Restoration & Repair in Uptown

Everything you need is Masonry & Tuckpointing Contractors in Uptown


While our company founder was doing union work back in 2001, it gave him the experience with contractor services that was the starting point of something big. The work included lintel repair, parapet walls, and masonry repair in Uptown. After eight years, he went out on his own as a subcontractor to expand his skills, giving him expertise in masonry, tuckpointing, and brick repair in Uptown.

With such knowledge, The Best Masonry Inc. was started with the idea of not only providing the highest level of quality in masonry repair and restoration services together with other needed expertise in the Chicago area but also to offer something better. The Best Masonry Inc. has a competitive advantage by providing convenience in availability and a large selection of professional services.

We are very open and available to our customers and that makes our masonry and tuckpointing contractors in Uptown very reliable. We bring much more to our customers while helping with residential and commercial property buildings. We can do it all with great expertise, from chimney restoration in Uptown to fireplace repair in Lake View, and sandblasting in Skokie.

The Best Masonry Inc. has the experts you need to get the work done right and we are on-call for you.

Check our Highest Quality Tuckpointing, Chminey & Masonry Restoration Services in Uptown


Masonry Uptown

We provide the most trusted commercial and residential masonry repair and masonry restoration in Uptown. We respond quickly and reliably to bring you the service you expect from expert masonry contractors such experience.


Tuckpointing Uptown

Our exceptional tuckpointing in Uptown will help to seal your bricks and make them look like new. As highly skilled tuckpointing contractors we are fully capable of taking great care of your bricks.


Lintel Replacement Uptown

When dealing with a lintel that needs repair, there are serious safety concerns for all. That’s why our professional lintel repair service can help fix the problem fast and make it safe again.


Waterproofing Uptown

A home that is waterproofed is a safe and healthy one, so we are dedicated to helping homeowners as the most reliable of waterproofing companies in Uptown. Your home will be completely protected from water leaks.


Parapet Walls Uptown

With our masonry expertise, we can take care of any parapet wall issues with ease. We can make it look right and repair it to last for years.


Fireplaces Uptown

Don’t light the fireplace until it’s in perfect condition for that fire. Let us provide our fireplace repair expertise to give you the safe and enjoyable fire you’re looking for.


Chimneys Uptown

It’s vital to have your chimney operating as it should without any damage. For our professional chimney repair or chimney restoration in Uptown, simply call us for an evaluation.


Sandblasting Uptown

Leave the unwanted paint or difficult dirt on your building to the professionals. We provide powerful sandblasting in Uptown that will take it all away, leaving only your bricks behind.

A Fine Point to Make About Tuckpointing in Uptown


When brickwork, the most commonly found building material on most buildings, commercial, residential, and industrial, begins to break down, it needs attention. But it’s important that bricks receive the proper mode of reparation and at times, that means more than just masonry repair. That’s when you need tuckpointing. Tuckpointing contractors in Uptown have very unique and specialized skills for this service.

Tuckpointing contractors in Uptown take great care of your bricks with the correct techniques to provide a new and refined look. But the point of tuckpointing is to also maintain your building’s protection against damaging water leaks. The tuckpointing process involves removing the affected mortar joints. This deterioration can be caused by damage or age but the old mortar is replaced with new mortar matching the brickwork. A thin line of putty referred to as a fillet is then added in a contrasting color. This fillet is run carefully along the center of the new mortar joints to achieve a very nice appearance enhancement.

When done right, tuckpointing displays your building with a remarkable new look that brings the beauty out. With tuckpointing in Uptown, your building will be securely sealed and waterproof while looking great.

Several Reasons to Choose The Best Masonry Contractors in Uptown


At The Best Masonry Inc., calling for tuckpointing and masonry repair in Uptown is so easy. Many people count on us to be there for our professional services, and you can too.


Because we make our customers our number one concern, we appreciate your business. Our masonry contractors go beyond the call of duty to provide the best possible experience for you on every project.

With close to 20 years in the business, we have the expertise for tuckpointing, masonry, sandblasting, and chimney repair in Uptown. You know you are getting the best when you call us.

Service Are of our professional Tuckpointing Services

The Best Masonry Inc. brings the professional services Chicago and the surrounding areas need with the skill and dedication to do it right. We proudly offer the community the very best in brick repair services and much more. We will come to your area with our absolute best quality services, so have a look at our entire service area and call us today for the ultimate in expert masonry contractors in Uptown and the Chicagoland region.

Testimonials of Best Masonry Contractors Uptown

After a freak accident caused damage to the corner of my home, I was frantic. But The Best Masonry remained calm and assured me their brick repair experts could fix it fast. I have to thank them for keeping me sane and for the amazing job they did.

Bonnie Lozano
I was worried about my chimney and wondered if it could ever be the same again. The Best Masonry provided incredible chimney repair in Uptown and made everything alright. I really appreciated their effort.

Ian McKenzie
My fireplace repair was handled with great attention to detail. The contractors were very thorough to make sure everything was put right before they were done.

Samantha Barrack
The service offered by these masonry contractors in Uptown was friendly, fast, and professional. They were very informative to make sure I was well taken care of.     

James Berman
Trust The Best Masonry for their tuckpointing in Uptown as I did, and you will not be disappointed. My building looks better than ever thanks to their incredible work.   

Peter Chang
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