What are Tuckpointing Services and When Do I Need Them?

As time passes or damages occur, masonry will start to weaken, requiring repairs in order to avoid structural issues and crumbling.  Mortar joints that have become damaged may also trigger water damages.   In order to fill mortar in before any damage can arise or get worse, tuckpointing services must be performed by masonry contractors Chicago.  This element is crucial when it comes to brick structure maintenance by preventing any extensive structural damage thus helping building owners to save money.  Familiarize yourself with the signs of damaged joints as they will let you know then any masonry repair is needed.

Recognizing the Problem

Crumbling pieces, dust, holes, and cracks are all signs that point to age or damage.  Neglecting this damage, no matter its scope, may end up allowing water to leak inside your mortar joints, holes, and crumbling pieces or dust are all signs of damage or age. Water may trigger severe damage in the whole structure.
Dust is an additional sign of deterioration although it is more difficult to see. Both dust and minor crumbling may go unseen for a long time.  Dragging a key through an old mortar joint is one simple way to test a mortar’s integrity.
If this results in both a scratch and dust or powder dropping from the mortar joint, the time has likely arrived for tuckpointing services from professionals.

Repair by Tuckpointing

Tuckpointing utilizes mortar for filling in any deteriorated or damaged areas affected by severe weather situations. The careful removal of damaged mortar by tuckpointing contractors may leave all bricks intact, allowing them to tuck new mortar in.

Experienced, careful hands are required for this whole process. A masonry Chicago specialist is able to reduce any possible damage in the future and take care of any repairs needed in the moment.  This masonry restoration service can extend a brick structure’s life for various years, potentially decades.
Be sure to utilize this service as soon as you observe the slightest sign of deterioration or damage. If water is allowed to quickly get into the mortar the entire structure may be damaged. Structure repair costs will be significantly more than tuckpointing costs.

Ask your local brickworks experts at The Best Masonry Inc. for a quote immediately and find out whether you require tuckpointing or other brick repair.