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Chicago Chimney Repair: Fix your chimney before winter!

Since we have been performing chimney remodel and chimney repair Chicago for more than 25 years, we have the expertise to do the job correctly the first time. We also provide a warranty on our work.

Quality Chimney Repairs for Safe, Cozy, and Warm Homes in Chicago

Chimneys are among the masonry work on a structure that is most exposed to the weather and vulnerable to deterioration. It makes sense that so many individuals each year seek “chimney repair near me.” You may want to read this information written by the chimney restoration Chicago professionals if you need chimney repairs, are seeking chimney repair companies, or are curious about how much chimney repairs would cost.

A well-constructed chimney is meant to endure, but not indefinitely. In cities like Chicago, brick chimneys eventually suffer damage from the weather and harsh winters. In particular, weather-exposed mortar joints and chimney tops are at risk.

Roof Leaks Near The Chimney And Dripping Chimneys

We can assist with: Whether water is falling into your fireplace every time it rains or you’ve seen drywall or roof damage as a result of water seeping in around your chimney:

Equipment that is missing or broken
If your chimney cap or crown is missing or broken, water may stream directly down your chimney or may seep slowly into the chimney structure, inflicting long-term (and costly) damage.
Brick, stone, or masonry problems
Over time, stone, brick, and mortar joints may degrade and leak the elements into your chimney structure, leading to an expensive and dangerous predicament.
Faulty or incorrectly fitted flashing
Metal flashing is normally used to provide a waterproof seal between your roof and chimney. Damaged metal or improperly built flashing may lead to costly issues with your chimney, drywall, and roof.

With over 20 years in the industry, we are well-versed in the signs to look for when determining any water infiltration problems with your chimney. We have fixed several chimney leaks in the neighborhood, and we can often offer you your alternatives and pricing right away.

How Can I Know If My Chimney Needs To Be Fixed?

It is crucial to conduct routine inspections (see below) and keep an eye out for telltale signals that your brick chimney could need repair work since damage to chimneys is not often immediately apparent. These consist of:

  • Missing, damaged, or deteriorating mortar joints
  • Debris falling into the fireplace, a symptom that the chimney flue may be deteriorating
  • Harm to the chimney’s brick and mortar, such as crumbling brick or masonry coming off the chimney
  • Signs of excessive moisture, such as wet wallpaper or cracked paint, on the inside walls next to the chimney
  • Fractures on the chimney’s top

The Need For Regular Chimney Inspections

Regular inspections may be challenging to do, particularly if you don’t know precisely what to look for as a homeowner. As a result, the need for chimney brick repair Chicago goes missed too frequently.

We can set up a yearly chimney inspection so we can see any symptoms of degradation early and fix them, helping to maintain your masonry chimney in good shape. In order to access regions that would otherwise be unreachable, we employ specialized tools like video cameras to provide a thorough evaluation of the condition of your chimney.

Naturally, if examinations show that fireplace and chimney repair work is necessary, we can provide advice on the best course of action and do any necessary chimney masonry repair work. You might get special ideas and floor plans for your residential project by searching “custom house builders near me.”


Make sure to arrange for a chimney system real estate examination.

What Kind of Chimney Repairs Can I Expect?

After successfully repairing hundreds of chimneys in the neighborhood, we have discovered that the sooner we take care of your issue, the less expensive it will be for you to fix. Don’t wait until a little problem with your chimney or fireplace develops into a significant, pricey one. As soon as you have a suspicion that anything is off, get in touch with an experienced specialist. Typically, our procedure for chimney repairs entails:


A comprehensive inspection of your whole chimney to ascertain if a problem exists, how severe the issue is, and whether it has an effect on any other components of the home or heating system.


If we do discover an issue, we will be honest with you about it, explain how we plan to fix it and discuss any extra fees that could be associated with the service. Sometimes we are able to make repairs right away. You will be given a timeframe so you will know when you may use your chimney once again if we need to buy components or if we are unable to fix your system while you are on the phone for any other reason.


We’ll restore or replace outdated components, make sure the system is waterproof and animal-proof, and make sure everything is secure and working correctly to repair your chimney.


Your house will be in better shape when we go than when we came. Your family and house will be significantly safer when we leave even though you won’t even be aware that we were there. Additionally, we’ll give you some advice on how to maintain the functionality of your fireplace and chimney until our next visit.


Our labor is warranted. Because we have many satisfied customers, we have been in business for a very long time, and we want you to be satisfied as well. Within a year following the work, if you have any issues with your chimney repair, contact us and we’ll return at no extra charge to resolve them.

FAQs about Chimney Repair

Commonly posed issues with fireplace repair Chicago

  • How should I do if I suspect that my chimney is leaking?

    The condition never gets better over time if water is getting into your chimney. Additionally, the cost to perform fireplace repairs Chicago increases the longer you wait to address the problem. In order to avoid dealing with a more costly and dangerous situation, we advise you to contact us as soon as you detect a leak. Hopefully, we can solve a little issue promptly and inexpensively.

  • How can I tell when the mortar or masonry of my chimney needs to be repaired?

    Without getting up on the roof and inspecting things, it’s often impossible to know. Many homeowners are still unsure of what to look for even then. At the risk of repeating myself, sooner is always preferable, and this is particularly true when it comes to brickwork. Any flaws in your brick, stone, or mortar joints might allow water to enter the structure, which could cause significant damage over time. Call us; we can diagnose your issues, and we’ll even provide you with a free estimate.

  • What should I do if lighting a fire in the fireplace often makes my home smell smoky?

    A multitude of factors, ranging from “not a concern” to “severe safety hazard,” might be to blame if fireplace smoke is not being pushed entirely up the chimney while there is a fire. But it’s advisable to have a professional properly evaluate your system and rule out any major issues before you start another fire. It could just be necessary to clean your chimney, or you might have a simple fixable problem with your damper or chimney cap. Although it may appear as if a little smoke is not a huge concern, there may also be other dangerous gasses present, many of which are invisible to human sight. Always err on the side of caution when it comes to matters of fire safety or hazardous vapor.

  • If I believe I can hear animals in my chimney, what should I do?

    A properly sealed chimney should not allow animals to enter, therefore if you see birds or other wildlife in your chimney, there is usually a problem that has to be fixed. Try to ascertain if it is a single incidence of an animal entering and leaving your chimney or whether they have created a nest and are currently residing there as your initial course of action. It may not be something to worry about if you just hear it once (outside of getting your chimney cap repaired to keep it from happening again). Even so, it’s a good idea to get everything inspected by a qualified professional before lighting a fire. If you hear the same sounds again, you should generally presume that there is a nest of some kind in your chimney and avoid lighting any flames in your fireplace until the problem has been resolved. If it involves nesting birds, you should also be aware that, depending on where you live and the kind of bird, there are various rules in place that restrict how you may manage a scenario when a nest has eggs or chicks in it. To get answers to your inquiries or to schedule an inspection, contact us at any time.

  • What can I do to keep my chimney in good shape?

    A homeowner may take a lot of preventative measures on their own to prolong the life of their heating system and be safe. Keep in mind that moisture is your chimney’s worst enemy, thus one of the finest things you can do to maintain your system is to consider the amount of moisture in the wood that you burn the most often. Burning young, green wood, rotting wood that has aged, or softwood that has a lot of moisture in them might result in a variety of issues. Using this kind of wood often may cause your fire to burn too slowly, the smoke to ascend improperly, and the buildup that develops might cause early damage to your chimney or fireplace.

  • How much will it cost to have your chimney repaired?

    Without a comprehensive examination, it might be difficult to determine the cost of a repair. The cost of a fireplace repair Chicago is determined by what we discover, the chimney’s condition, the installations or repairs we’ll need to perform, the location and design of the house and the chimney, and if any wildlife has to be exterminated while we work. Before we begin any work, we would be pleased to provide you with a few alternatives and a free estimate.

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