How Do I Know If My Chimney is Blocked?

If your fireplace is having trouble evacuating smoke and carbon monoxide to the outside until the point of activating the alarms, it is possible that your fireplace is blocked and requires a fireplace repair. The same is true if your water heater and furnace is having trouble draining hot water, or it has strange odors and is venting too much smoke. When any of the aforementioned cases occurs, avoid using the fireplace at all costs and contact a specialist as soon as possible (in this case, Best Masonry Inc.) to have it inspected.

What Can Cause Obstruction?

There can be a variety of reasons why your chimney may be blocked ranging from fallen debris, tree limbs, accumulated leaves, animal nests, etc. It could also be due to the formation of soot and creosote inside or the deterioration of the chimney bricks due to lack of maintenance and tuckpointing Chicago. However, with Best Masonry Inc.’s complete chimney repair program, you will be able to safely reuse your fireplace during the rainy or snowy months for many years to come.

Why You Should Call a Professional for Chimney Concerns

When it comes to fireplace remodel, repair or replacement, it is imperative that you enlist the professional services of a person or company, such as Best Masonry Inc.This is because a contractor is not only capable of performing the work, but also is able to thoroughly inspect and determine exactly what is wrong with your fireplace or masonry and subsequent solutions. If you want to receive the best masonry Chicago services in the entire state of Illinois, do not hesitate to contact us!