Benefits of Using Bricks

Choosing a building material can be stressful and confusing. When in doubt, you can always listen to the expert masonry contractors who recommend brick as a reliable option. No wonder why this has been the preferred construction material throughout the ages. Even though concrete enjoys a reputation of being high-quality and long-lasting, brickworks still account for a solid share of the market. The following are reasons why you might want to consider brick for your construction work:

Low Maintenance
Bricks are a great option when you want to save on maintenance. Thanks to its natural color you can opt to skip painting, and it won’t decay even when exposed to harsh weather. It is resistant against the action of insects like termites that can take a toll on your property value. Keeping it flawless-looking will only require a periodical scrubbing with a brush and you’ll hardly need a brick repair.

Exceptional Thermal Properties
Energy efficiency is one of the perks that comes with brick. The thermal mass of this material allows your house to keep a warm temperature during winter. It has the ability of absorbing the heat and gradually releasing it indoors. On the other hand, during summer it takes a long time for it to get heated, which allows your home to stay cool. Masonry contractors Chicago recommend adding brick insulators as the ultimate step to keep your house from getting cold.

Safe from Moisture, Wind, and Fire
Bricks have the outstanding property of resisting the action of different types of external stimuli including moisture, wind and fire. Brick is not a flammable material, as it is made out of clay that can withstand up to 1000 ºC, which ensures even a bushfire won’t be enough to bring down a brick or masonry house.

Natural Product
Brick is an eco-friendly material both while in use, and when disposed of. Clay is a material widely found in nature. If you want to minimize the impact of construction waste in the environment, bricks and masonry are your best option. Additionally, because of their durability, it can be reused as it keeps a nice looking finish. It is also a non-toxic material, totally safe for the people in the building.

Good Looking
Brick and masonry works range in style from the classic Victorian design to modern architectural concepts. This makes them a versatile option to create masterpiece homes and buildings. Its organic aesthetics can evoke a sense of nature and a classic style, and the surrounding spaces like patios and hallways add a cozy feeling. If style combined with low-maintenance is among your priorities, this material is for you.

No other material can overcome the test of time like brick and masonry Chicago. For more than 6000 years, this has been the material of choice for constructions like houses and other buildings. All around the world you can find solid brick structures that have resisted deterioration for hundreds of years, even exposed to the harshest environmental conditions. Brick provides a comfortable space and structural integrity regardless of the weather conditions of the outside.

Structural Integrity
Over the years, brickworks have been subjected to innovations and upgrades to enhance its quality and versatility. Currently you can find a variety of brick tiles on the market to achieve different roofing styles. Special bricks can support structures ranging from a small house to mega apartments. As for pavements, the current trend offers a wide variety of designs for brick pavers.

What’s Your View?
There is hardly any other material that can match the class and elegance that bricks achieve in a building, or its ability to withstand harsh environmental conditions. Because of its versatility, it can be used as a structural base or roofing, and even as functional brick pavers. If you find any of these benefits appealing, and you are ready to incorporate bricks in your construction project, call today the best masonry contractors Chicago at The Best Masonry Inc.